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  • That’s because we dosen’t have the opportunity to use Pandora in Denmark,
    because of some rights issues. But we are on spotify and so forth. There
    are plenty of chances to hear us :)

  • Очень-очень хорошо!!! Прекрасная мелодичная музыка! Настоящий Synth Pop! У
    солиста хороший приятный голос.Еще мне нравится ” The Boulevard”.Молодцы!
    Давайте еще ребята!

  • Im afraid not.. This is the only final mastering of this piece.

  • Yeah i can understand the situation, but i’m not going to change my name
    for that xD

  • It may be possible to make an extended version.. But that may take some
    time, as I have to go back in time. But it sounds intriguing.

  • Shame, then you should consider an extended version for this track. The
    ending is sooo good, it could have gone on for at least 1-2 minutes longer

  • Well that has to be an fluke.. We have been named Vaylon since early 2010,
    becuz we had another project, that went south, so we started this project
    instead. :)

  • is there a ‘non-fade-out’ version of this song? :)