Violator ranked #167 on the Top 500

Rolling Stones magazine has updated their top 500 albums of all time a few days back and Depeche Mode made the cut! It made my day


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  • I’m glad Violator made the cut (I figured if any DM album did, that would be the one). Thanks for posting! I’m sure if I read this list I’d just get angry.

  • Meh, as “cool” as it is for DM to get a measly ONE album acknowledged while “artists” with half the talent get multiple releases included, this new list is a total joke that’s *this close* to insulting people’s intelligence. I remember when Rolling Stone used to know something about music and were almost ambassadors of what quality meant.  This idiocy, however… the total opposite. Clearly these results are based off bingo balls with what I can only assume were fan submitted album names that they just tossed into a machine and “ranked” as they each popped out.