Violator Tour

I saw another video someone posted for violator tour (shot in germany) & someone else may have very well posted this one. If so, apologies for the redundancy. it looks like it went up less than 2 months ago & has about 127k views — likely by everyone here : ) In any event, i’m posting/sharing because it is so well done with what is out there.

The setlist and transitions between songs are so incredible (Alan’s handiwork as we all know). Dave’s energy is so off the charts that it’s overwhelming even with the blurry footage. An observation I have is that he doesn’t do any of those dance moves anymore except spinning around (which he does rarely). I like the way he dances now but he dumped his trademark one leg out/hip askew & leg clapping (among other things) I believe with this tour as he moved onto the heroin rock star thing in Devotional tour and then found new footing (literally & figuratively) after that.

I thoroughly enjoyed this concert!!!


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