Demo of Walking In My Shoes By Martin L. Gore.

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  • Good question….prob just polishing since older demos sound more raw but
    still i like anything with MLG vocals better….I do know what never needs
    polishing/doctoring up….his VOICE :) GREAT version i hope there is a
    delta machine boxset with even more MLG surprise demos….like Strangelove,
    Halo, Shake the Disease (the raw demo is amazing already!) and I think
    PRECIOUS by Martin lead should be unleashed since it is prob the most
    personal song to Martin about his children and divorce :-/

  • u tell ’em brotha gore. u tell ’em. (and is that a ziggy and sgt pepper
    tribute i peeped my lord)

  • No problem everyone! BTW this is my video I put together from other clips,
    but uploaded on my other account (with lots of MJ lol)! This is my DM
    account… :p