Was 'New Life' written by Vince Clarke?

Was ‘New Life’ written by Vince Clarke?

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  • Yes, it was. Nevertheless, I am quite sure that the whole band discussed the lyrics afterwards, even though they didn’t use to have a close relation like today.

    Edit: sorry I didn’t realize that it was a video, I thought it was just a question you had. Happy cake btw

  • i think people who saw this post didn’t understand what it’s trying to say. basically, the allegation is that vince clarke stole this song from someone (it says it’s his cousin) and claimed it as its own. To me, it seems credible given that it does seem to be quite different from the other super bubble gum pop lyrics that he actually wrote. and, this song in particular, the band pressed him for an explanation and he refused to talk about it. not only did he probably not understand it but also felt shame at the theft.

    all of that said, this is coming out now, 40 years later…? from a facebook post? i don’t believe everything i read on the internet. I would add that led zeppelin shamefully ripped off other musicians with their music. once you dig into the details it’s pretty crazy..

  • yea vince clark was not a great writer. I’m not surprised.

    I’m also maybe in the minority, but im glad he quit DM and did erasure. as I cant stand erasure, and if thats where he was trying to go, then good riddance.