Watch "Depeche Mode - Cover Me" on YouTube*New

Watch «Depeche Mode — Cover Me» on YouTube*New

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  • I heard Dave on the radio talking about this song and if I remember correctly, the central idea is of an astronaut who leaves a dying earth and finds another habitable planet which turns out to be just like earth before the great decline. Its such a big idea for a pop song that it boggles my mind but I suppose you could call it a meditation upon where we are now as a species. At a crossroads with so many new, potentially apocalyptic technologies about to arise (I’m thinking of AI and whether or not we can wean ourselves off oil in time). It might also be a bit of a broadside at the slightly cold-hearted futurism of people like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking. If they put their considerable financial and mental energies into solving problems on earth, rather than building space rockets would we be better served? I don’t know the answer but this video is a fascinating way to pose the question.

  • Oh awesome! They played this during the live performance and I suspected it seemed a bit polished to save just for the live shows.