Why Wasn't 'Dangerous' Released As A Single Or Put On Violator?

Why Wasn’t ‘Dangerous’ Released As A Single Or Put On Violator?

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  • It would have completely messed with the flow of the album. It doesn’t sound right in the context at all.

  • Alan and Flood have said all the b-sides didn’t make the album because they didn’t fit in with the rest of the songs.

  • I wonder if “Dangerous” would’ve fit better on Music For The Masses. Always gave me that sort of vibe, more than Violator.

  • It just sounds so much like a hit. Maybe I’m crazy but pop radio would’ve been all over this.

  • DM b-sides are the shiz. I so wish I had gotten the ModeBox. It went so quickly, a collector’s dream. I have every cd already though, except for SGR.

  • Dangerous is great- I got it along with my favorite mix of Personal Jesus (Pump Mix) – I agree that it could easily be a hit

  • I think with all the beat driven b-sides for Violator , depeche/Alan/flood were all think club / underground sounds with. I mean the lyrics, if any, are much more minimal to begin with. That being said, these are all some of my favorite DM tracks, Kalied being top 5 for me!