Download this with better sound quality here: The Yamaha CS01II is the first real synthesizer I ever owned. I got it when I was about 14…
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  • sometimes you stumble upon something really interesting out there in the
    interwebs. take this for the example all done with just a Yamaha CS01 mkII:
    Yamaha CS01II plays NEW LIFE by Depeche Mode

  • damn good ear! Drums are exactly as I hear them in my head. This would fool
    me if I could not read… Most impressive sir

  • Just goes to show you don’t need a lot of gear to make an awesome tune,
    very well done indeed!

  • is it possible to do these sounds on just the original CS01, and not on the

  • With a modified MK1, you can disconnect the RES switch and route the new
    filter settings to the breath control pots, so yes, in theory.

  • A brilliant recreation! A real labour of love and I love it!

  • Amazing!! This has to be one of the best New Life covers out there on
    youtube!! The sounds are really great coming of this thing. Kudos on the
    drum sounds you were able to produce.

  • very very impressive, all the details are there. great work. How I love
    that toy-like, synthi pop yet very organic warm sound. Nice work !

  • @milo98 thanks! it takes a bit of extra work to get decent drum sounds from
    the CS01II. for this, both the kick and the snare have two seperate
    components, tracked seperately. the kick consists of a low thud mixed with
    a resonance click. the snare is a white noise burst mixed with a resonance
    knock. i could have cheated by sampling the drums from the original, or
    using a korg kr55 sample for the snare, but that wouldn’t have been any fun!

  • f*CK”N BrilliANT!! SPOT ON!! Only an ARP 2600 can possibly out do thid
    sonic wise!

  • Great work! Didn’t think this was even remotely possible on a Cs01! :)

  • Marvellous. One of the best covers of this song (if not the best) I’ve

  • some, but not all. the drum sounds in particular need the better resonance
    control that the cs01ii has.