Yazoo — The Dominion Theatre, London — 22 November 1982

From their 1 and only tour while they were together originally, comes this recording of Yazoo with the full and complete set from their gig at The Dominion with the instrumental, «Chinese Detectives» restored into the set after «Midnight». Slightly lesser sound quality than the rest of the gig but better its there I think, than not!

This one probably took the most amount of work to restore. I had 2 versions of this — 1 being better quality than the other, but the poor quality one had more tracks in it! And the better quality one was actually at the wrong speed! Anyway, its turned out pretty well and I think sounds far better than the originals I worked from. I hope you enjoy it.

01 Situation
02 Too Pieces
03 Goodbye 70s
04 Winter Kills
05 Bad Connection
06 Tuesday
07 Bring Your Love Down
08 Midnight
09 Chinese Detectives
10 In My Room
11 Don’t Go
12 The Other Side Of Love
13 Ode To Boy
14 Only You
15 Situation (12 inch version)