YOU GOTTA GIVE LOVE to this album

YOU GOTTA GIVE LOVE to this album

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  • I love everything about it. It’s a start-to-finish masterpiece. 🖤

  • I respect your devotion. Some key tracks of Ultra I really love:

    * Home
    * It’s no good
    * Useless

    Fun fact: I wrote fake lyrics for Barrel of a gun back in the days when it was announced that would be the name of the first single out of Ultra. I even got kudos from people thinking they were the real lyrics.

  • Home and Insight are tied for my favorite tracks on this amazing album

  • When’s the last time everyone has given it a listen?

    Does anyone remember the first time they heard it?

  • I bought an original vinyl copy of it a few years ago, it’s one of my favorite albums of all time, perfectly moody. Calm and serene, then the brutal drums of Useless. Uselink is a god damn masterpiece as well, I love their little interludes.

  • Such a great album. So glad they performed so many songs from that album on the Spirits tour. This album really proved that post – Wilder material is just as good is not even better than SOFAD, but i know that it’s a hot take.

  • Can’t tell you how many times I listened to this CD while working back when it was released.