10 years ago today, this underrated gem was released

10 years ago today, this underrated gem was released

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  • Some really good songs were on this one, like ‘Perfect’, ‘Wrong’ and ‘Come Back’. It’s not my favourite album by DM but I occasionally give it a listen

  • Not my favourite album and I used to despise it when I first became a fan, however when I received the CD for Christmas last year (for the sake of my collection), it grew on me quickly. However, the only songs I revisit are “In Chains,” “Wrong,” “Fragile Tension,” “In Sympathy, “Peace,” and “Corrupt.”

  • I always have difficulty getting through middle part (Little Soul, In Sympathy and Peace)
    They’re just not that good. The rest of the album is OK, these three bring it down.

    Never understood Peace became an actual single as well.

  • This is a good album. As a lifelong fan, its important to judge any album on its merits. Not in comparison to other albums. Who here would tell MG… hey this album sucks, write violator 2…

  • That’s funny I just found Tour of the Universe CD a couple hours ago at a flea market.

    I liked the album when it came out but after Playing the Angel it was definitely a step down imo. I’m gonna give it a listen tonight.

  • The last album I liked well enough to buy the deluxe box set (and ordered from Amazon Canada because it was cheaper, shipping included, than Amazon US).

  • I remember sitting on my stoop in NYC reading a book for grad school while waiting for the Mailman to bring me the Uber edition box thing of this album.

    Total cash grab in retrospect.