1984 - Somebody (Video Oficial) - Subtitulado

Álbum: Some Great Reward. Publicación: 1984. Compositor: Martin L. Gore. Productores: Depeche Mode, Daniel Miller y Gareth Jones. Primer tema de Depeche Mode…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • En homenaje a quien en algún momento estuvo conmigo y y fue precisamente
    esto My somebody…… nono

  • ” usually he doesn’t go for this kind of romantic nonsense, but with this
    one particular person, he’s making an exception.” “Although the guy is
    saying all those things for the purpose of having sex with her, he also
    feels all that stuff and he truly loves her.” “” In this song, he’s talking
    to a girl, telling her things in order to get her in bed. Hence the “In a
    case like this, I’ll get away with it.” – Just as John Connors stated Yet,
    all music is always open to personal interpretation.

  • I do understand the meaning. Leading up to the ultimate meaning, the song
    effectively encapsulates those things I would want in my relationship with
    another. However, I do understanding this piece, Martin Gore, while wanting
    these things, is as much afraid of it. Other Interpretations: “The
    beautiful lyrics of this song convey a hearts overwhelming longing to be
    loved with a mind which contradicts it all. A person who desperately wants
    to be in love with the fear of falling completely.”

  • I agree with Javier! This song shaped who I was as a teen, and adult. Like
    don’t settle-by” being tied to” someone that could be controlling. Still
    waiting. Never really got “makes me sick”etc. Does he mean holding out for
    that special someone-is hard and can make you sick/upset? But you “get away
    with it” other’s along the way? Without compromising your self/heart.♥

  • you can also hear woman moan at the end after “things like this”
    4:04…trust me im truth its about his ideal pure thinking though now he
    abandons al just for sake of sexual pleasure…Gores lyrical twists are

  • I always thought he meant that the “things like this…” part was referring
    to the sentimentality of the subject of the song. I always related to that
    line b/c I’m normally turned off by this sort of thing, too…but finding
    true love can change one’s perspective. I could be wrong…but that’s what
    I’ve always taken from the song.

  • Just excelent…The best of them… Remember the best days of my life

  • hm maybe you are misunderstanding the meaning : “Though things like this
    Make me sick In a case like this I’ll get away with it…” – its about his
    desire for ideal partner but, now hes with girl just for sex (in case like
    this ill get wawy with it)

  • Sacó todo de sí para componer éste tema y éso se nota. Perfecto tema, desde
    lo más profundo de su ser al estilo la canción “Hard Lilfe” de Freddie, se
    me hacen similares en cuanto a sentimientos que quisieron expresar.

  • Somebody
    ~Depeche Mode

    I want somebody to share,
    Share the rest of my life
    Share my innermost thoughts
    Know my intimate details
    Someone who’ll stand by my side……


  • Esta fue la canción que abrió el baile del banquete de mi boda, la traduje
    para los invitados en español y al lado en inglés. Hubo quien le pareció
    preciosa. Sabia elección, muy bien, me alegra que la elijas.

  • oooohhhhhhh temonn de depeche mode ——- de esas k matan hermosaaaaaaaaaa
    en cada letra lo k expresa

  • It’ll still hit you hard past that mate. I’ve loved it since 16 am 31 now
    and not diminished in the slightest.

  • Me encanta !! sencillamente las palabras sobran ……a por cierto gracias
    por tan buena traducción

  • para mi amada lissette la mujer mas hermosa de este planeta

  • 3 people have never found somebody to share the rest of their lives!