A Depeche Mode-interview with Alan and Martin in 1984  (Swedish).

This video is taken from one of my old VHS-tapes. Unfortunately not the best quality but I thought I’d share it with you anyway. The program was sent just be…
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  • Wow! Alan so beautiful! Do you know I love alan very much! Thank you very

  • Your friend maybe can’t hear the difference herself, but I’m sure she’s
    heard about it. Skåne, and its dialect, are unfortunately more often than
    not the butt of jokes in Stockholm ;(

  • love it that she says are your songs simple enough to understand yet she
    clearly wasnt asking that question

  • they should have put subtitles here so we can understand what the fans were

  • The unique brand of Swedish mostly spoken by these interviewees is actually
    only spoken by 1/8 of the people in what is today called Sweden. This
    region, Scania (Skåne), was Danish until 1658, and is still very distinct
    in many ways (not least of all in terms of dialect). I’m biased toward it
    however, because I speak it. You should ask somebody from Stockholm what
    he/she thinks. Heja Skåne!

  • De spelade en riktigt grym version av Photographic. Har inte hört bättre
    varken före eller efter :)

  • heii thx for the vid.. which is the name of the last song? please tell mE:D

  • Milyen karikásak Alan szemei! :( Thank you for uploading!

  • Swedish, what a funny sounding language. Wow that chick at 2:32 is hot!!
    But unfortunately this is 15 years ago!! She must be really old now. But I
    bet she is a MILF!

  • please write me Martin’s words from 1:10 till 1:20. pleeeeeaaaaaase

  • Alan says “I think is becouse Martin write good songs…” True. And his
    work?? Alan his too modest.

  • @nexenka so the interviewer asked: “…are they simple enough for everybody
    to understand…” meaning the songs, lyrics, etc …and mart replies ” I
    think they’re very simple and they’re very melodic… and melodic songs
    have always been quite commercial…thats possibly part of it but thats not
    all of it…” thats what I get

  • Swedes are so cute..and they look like Martin..and Martin looks like Swede..

  • That’s interesting, thanx for the info. I have an Australian friend living
    in Stockholm, I’ll ask her although she probably can not tell the

  • Wow, that interviewer sure wasn’t impressed… Great video, showing what
    people thought before they made it real big, and also how the people
    listening looked. I love the lingo they use :P Two bona fide geniuses,
    Martin and Alan!!