I met Alan Wilder and I filmed him talking about Martin Gore. Meeting him was one of the greatest moments in my life! He is hte most sweetest person ever. I …
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  • You are all in love with Alan and this guy cant have a different opinion?!
    For you all maybe Martin’s the bad guy and Alan the brilliant one… all
    starts with Martin demos. [Almost] ALL!

  • I couldn’t get to the signing but my mom had a friend who was a cleaner at
    that HMV and managed to get a copy signed for me. Played very carefully
    once, and once only.

  • please … first you should make you know your place, before you babble
    such a nonsense

  • This little clip made me cry just now because I was fortunate enough to
    meet Alan in Toronto just a week or so later at the Recoil after party!! he
    was soooooooo nice and sincere! Made lots of eye contact with me and I got
    to touch his shoulder and he shook my hands 3 times! He also put his arm
    around me once!!!!! FYI for those who have never shook his hand….his
    hands are freakishly soft. Like silk! NO LIE!!! LOVE U ALAN!!!

  • Yes, Alan he is not only Slick, he is just like silk, so nice. I wish I was
    there, love Seattle, what’s more. That’s sure your are a lucky teenager,
    but I’m not complaining finally, waiting for the warm up in Nice :)

  • @MrJezBrett That’s so cool! I wasn’t alive in the 80s, lol! Yeah, Alan is
    so nice! Thanks for sharing the story!

  • @taylowendy It was at sonic boom records, before the concert. It was on the
    Depeche Mode website. I’m sorry you didn’t know about it, that sucks!!!! :(

  • why would u mention about his drink problem, trying to make urself look
    better than gore, that will never happen, u made a decision to leave the
    band cause ur ego was bigger than the rest … its strange cause u were a
    reserve called in to fill a gap..ok,u were talented, and if u werent so
    egotistic youd still be in the band, and who knows what the band could have
    been with u in it, probably really fucking brilliant, even better than
    delta machine,but u should have known ur place. end of rant!!!

  • The first time i would have seen them was in the late 80’s here in los
    angeles for the their 101 tour. they were going to be at Tower Records for
    some pix and autographs. so i had a DM party at my house and right before
    we headed out the door we saw on the news that there was a disturbance and
    possible rioting in los angeles. haha. People rioted because they wanted to
    see DM. I almost rioted because i didn’t see them. in 2009 i finally got to
    see them at the hollywood bowl, sans alan. good times

  • Cool guy. I’m into hard rock now but this guy was actually my childhood
    hero! You can always tell what a down to earth and awesome personality he

  • alan sos un maestro, depeche nunca volvera a tener la magia que vos sabias
    darle a la banda

  • Interesting. I’m not too surprised that Martin had a bit of an alcohol
    problem, but I guess it faded to the woodwork, especially as Dave’s
    struggle with drugs was much more publicized.

  • Much love for big Al! I remember meeting the whole band back in 1989 when I
    was 16. I skipped school and went to an album signing for 101 in
    Birmingham, UK. Alan was the only one to actually acknowledge me when he
    signed my stuff. A real hero of mine.