At the end of the auction, as a thanks you to the people who attended, he performed his live set ‘A Strange Hour’ that he’s been touring with over the last 1…
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  • Who really cares if its on a laptop! Look at how happy he looked! He’s enjoying himself!

  • one of the repeating beats sounds like the opening entrance music for Gangrel lol

  • “A piece of wood is not an instrument”… Not woodwind instruments or wood percussions much?

  • I have to disagree. A piece of wood is not an instrument however. Combined with other pieces of wood it may become one but on it’s own…it’s a piece of wood. The skill of tuning said pieces of wood is what makes it an instrument. It’s personal preference obviously. I’m just a big fan of Alan and music. If I want to hear playback I’ll go in my studio…

  • Dude, what matters is the artist, not the instrument. And laptops are just like everything else, an instrument. Hell, even a piece of wood can be an instrument.


  • It maybe all on computers, using plug ins etc…but Alan still had to put all this together, and what a great job he did!!

  • alan please, please, please…come back to depeche mode…your place is there!

  • please then tell me difference between laptop and a keyboard they both use sampling

  • Ah… Então foi por isso que os caras do Depeche Mode deram um chute nele!!! Porra! Ele estragou a música!!!

  • Alan Wilder on the right and a fresh shaved Catweazle on the left…awesome! ;)

  • This looks very sad and pathetic. He’s like a poor man who lives in a rubbish bin. He made a bad mistake when he left DM, just so sad… :(

  • It’s very hard to look cool playing a keyboard or clicking a mouse. Shaking your head about doesn’t really do it.

  • i like wilder so much but he didnt make something very famous after dm
    like clarke for example

  • people you make me sad with your comments.what can he possibly do?he is not in a band.the only way he can play his music to the crowd is with his laptop.he is still a genius.i just wish he comes back to depeche mode

  • They all play from lap tops now . Man If that’s your argment then shit man I have n words for you. Get with the times

  • DM have been a huge inspiration, in particular Alan Wilder, so it’s a shame to see the incredible former DM musical talent that is Mr Wilder, wasted playing around with laptops …lets face it, he may as well not be there at all! …for all we know he may be playing Halo or something …erm, I meant the game, not the DM song!