Mid section of the set featuring…Night Dissolves….Want…..Walking In My Shoes…..Jezebel……Never Let Me Down Again…
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  • alan is a shadow of himself!!!sorry buddy you was!!!so great…

  • Mate if you really want my opinion, Dave is irreplaceable because he is the
    front man, and the main vocal. L.Gore is not a great what, is writing the
    songs for D.M. but I guess Alan could be better at this kind of things.
    Andrew is the useless one.Martin is a drunk, he was the main reason for the
    tensions in Depeche that made Alan leave the band.Imagine D.M. nowadays
    with Alan in it! They are so boring and POP, really the last album was a
    disaster and the best albums are from Alan’s era!

  • This is the sound of Depeche Mode. Without Alan DM is not DM.

  • Thanks for uploading! Its fantasic! Forever Alan! Yeahhhh!!!!!!!! Alan
    without Chains….:-)

  • Oh my god I’ms so sick of this endless swan song over why Alan left DM.
    Creative differences. Obviously DM has buried the hatchet a long time ago,
    hence the reason why Wilder and Gore are collabing now. And why he so
    fondly covers many of the songs he made when he was with DM. They’ve all
    moved on and it’s time for the fans to move on too. If DM is anything it’s
    never stuck or static. They’re always fresh and moving ahead

  • Unless you know them personally you do not know what really happened.

  • Don’t agree… Martin, and of course Dave are irreplaceable, if one of
    those would leave, then DM would not be DM.

  • OF course there’s a DM before and after Alan. The greatest Dm was WITH
    Alan. It was a perfect band. With Martin doing fabolous songs, Dave giving
    his voice and soul to them and Alan giving the unique and incredible sound
    they had. Nowadays DM is a very good band. But without Alan they’re not as
    great as they used to be. If Alan were in DM today they would be the
    tremendously influential and leaders in the world of music. I really miss

  • I love Wilder, and agree that DM’s best albums were with him- he did have a
    profound influence on the overall sound, BUT this is……..
    erhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………… alllllrite. Caribou are better at this
    game. Trentmoller. Underworld. But, I’m glad he’s out there doing what he

  • Allans sidekick looks like “Doc” from Back to the future ;-)

  • You cannot underestimate the huge influence Alan had on DM’s sound. Great
    shame he left but Recoil rocks too!

  • Walking In My Shoes mashed up with Jezebel and some Gary Numan? I don’t
    think I will recover.

  • In my opinion, the only replaceable in DM is Andrew Fletcher.

  • Okay, maybe it’s just me. First of all, what’s up with Gary Oldman? Second,
    I don’t get it. Everyone is saying this is great. But, what I hear is a
    slew of songs edited together. So this is why he left Dmode? So he could do
    this? Alright…I get it I guess…

  • DM has never been greater!, i am glad he left because what he is doing now
    has got nothing to do with DM, thats why he had to leave.