My old hero Alan Wilder talks before the worldpremiere of Recoils “A Strange hour in Budapest”,that are shown on some selected cinemas.Here on cinema Roy in …

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  • Contrary to popular belief, you don’t really earn that much on royalties.
    Alan has commented in the past that his time and records made while in DM
    allowed him to take time off. Deal is cost of living has skyrocketed over
    the past ten years. My sister was married to a musician who had a huge hit
    during the 90’s and recieves money, but it’s not the millions that people
    think he makes. He also had to split everything in half when he divorced
    Hep a year ago.

  • He needed to generate income? I hope he’s not fallen on hard times :-0

  • Mind you, he’s on an equal split of the royalties of 6 DM albums and lots
    of singles, surely things can’t be that tight?

  • I can’t believe Alan had to sell his collection of D.M. memories because of
    money, this is such unfair. Such a big musician in need, while some junkies
    as Lady Caca are making a lot of money in the music industry. I mean how
    you can even compare Recoil to Lady Caca, or any other band out there. I’m
    a big fan of Recoil and of Alan Wilder, but the times we living are very
    strange, the nobodies are well paid while the geniuses are left to
    chance.This is the end of a beautiful era!

  • how humble he sounds when he talks about the offering of the production
    company that worked on the film

  • Alan is a brilliant, brilliant musician!! He deserves much better!!

  • Probably had. I’ve read a number of Alan’s interviews he gave past 2010 and
    he divorced his wife of 18 years. Given the fact that Alan took many years
    off recording only dropping three Recoil records since leaving the Mode,
    money only goes to far (and if you don’t work regularly, even worse). I
    also heard he had to sell his estate. Alan should have produced other
    artists and worked on sound tracks. Pretty sad to see him sell his things.

  • Coño de verdad!! capitán Kirk!! jajajaja!!! de verdad que gorrdísimo

  • I spent a few hours with him in a hotel room back around 1988. He told me
    he loved bands like Magazine and The Stranglers.

  • Alan recently returned to be father with his girlfriend Britt, that’s one
    of the reasons that he needed to generate income,

  • He should remove his beard. He is old enough already to make himself even