Assemblage 23 - Damaged

Just close your eyes and let that song lead you to a trip full of memories and emotions!!! I am merely the product Of the life that I’ve lived An amalgam of …
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  • Describes my life perfectly never feel loved always treated badly, but I
    still keep going no matter what to help others that need help. I had this
    song since 7th grade and I still have it about to go to college now I just
    hope things get better for me after two years.

  • Why do you feel the need to be rude? This person was just trying to help.

  • When you think about it, all you really need to do is make it to tomorrow.
    Take care!

  • dont tell us that stuff dude. jesus christ. go see a psychologist

  • I am merely the product
    Of the life that I’ve lived
    An amalgam of sorrows
    And the wisdom they give
    But the weight has grown heavy
    And its dragging me down
    It’s so hard not to sink now
    But I don’t want to drown

    I’m damaged
    But somehow I’ve managed
    This far
    But I don’t know if I can find my way back home
    I’m damaged
    But somehow I’ve managed
    For now
    But I don’t think I can face this on my own

    There is beauty in hardship
    There are poems in grief
    There are trials we must go through
    Though they may shake our beliefs

    But I don’t know how I got here
    Lost in the cynical dusk
    Set adrift in the worry
    That I’ve no one to trust


    If to suffer is holy
    I’ll take my share of the pain
    I can swim through this sadness
    If there’s something to gain

    I can reach for the surface
    And try to pull myself free
    But the last thing I want is
    To drag you down here with me

  • Assemblage 23 – “Damaged!” … “Great arrangements and vocals by Tom
    Shear” – OZGA

    Assemblage 23 – Damaged


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  • Deny a hopeless life is not a crime. I would deny it if i could. But for
    some reasons i cant deny it. Something is holding me alive.

  • I love Assemblage 23! And this is one of a lot of my favorite songs by Tom!
    I have seen him live twice and he always puts on a great show. I’m going to
    hell for saying but I live in Indianapolis were not many artist of this
    genre come because of our small scene, but when they do come and play in
    front of the small crowd with all the seniority Tom has “it is magical”!
    Plus getting to meet then and hang with the artist is a big plus!

  • Assemblage 23 – Damaged
    (a song with lyrics which keep me going)