Beborn Beton – Another World
Beborn Beton - Another World

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  • People used to tell me that the singer is the guy who plays Alucard from
    Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Wonder if it’s true?

  • i love that one,….(Thanks sweet love Eleonica for this song) ;)

  • I LUV BEBORN BETON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does anyone know where you can get they’re
    music?? (please don’t say germany)

  • wow what retard thought alucard is the singer of beborn totally differnt
    voices” soul steal” check out my playlist and favorites i got sum
    castlevaina remixs with voices nothiing alike idiots lol

  • @tashaleena: You get this CD by “poponaut” or “Inditective Records” (in
    german/english language) …two specialist for “better music”…^^ (Synthie
    Pop, Electro, Synthie Wave, Dark Wave, EBM, Industriel, Gothik…)

  • I got to see them at Kinetik 5.0 in Montreal this year, dancing my ass off
    with Mike and Brian from the Gothsicles. I love that festival so much.

  • I have all Beborn Beton albums on CD:-D I love them! This band is from

  • I love their music too! I’m sure you can find it online. And…well…since
    I AM in Germany. Yeah, I can go to Media Markt and pick it up.

  • **starts dancing around the room** Dont you worry this is an AWESOME song…

  • The rest of their music is pretty good. I’d say give a New Born King,
    Poison, Im Innern Einer Frau, and Dr Channard. Maybe even Peach. Hope that

  • i forgot about this song, i used to listen to this when i was (8yrs or so
    ago) more into industrial, ebm.. etc. , still brings back so many emotions,

  • Finally! I finally found this song! My journey is halfway complete… I
    don’t suppose anyone knows where to find the “C is for Cookie” mashup with
    this song? So far my efforts have been fruitless.

  • Tales From Another World is on sale here in the states, it’s a compilation.

  • thank god i final found yay my aunt got me to fall in love with this song a
    she never told me the name of it

  • Wonderful Song….. Is the rest of their music good???? This is the only
    one I know of their’s… had it on a burned cd of ebm a looonnnggg time
    ago.. forgot about it…