Bono singing one.. for Anton Corbijn, Netherlands Amsterdam.

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  • Bono singing One for Anton Corbijn, ending with singing for his father…

  • Vind echt dat we ontzettend trots mogen zijn op Anton Corbijn! Niet normaal
    wat die man al heeft bereikt!

  • no never to late ok maybe you on stuff i,m not we always can talk about
    everything what you want from with me further this is again a sort off
    attack with me now i know it very well i say true love i aspect it from my
    man when we build on a relationship it takes two

  • P.S: I’m sure if a fairytale deity were to exist it would adore him as
    well. :)

  • You can’t. In this case I doubt even Bono has access to one lol. What about
    Slane and Rose Bowl? I think One into Grace Bono into Streets (from the
    latter) is absolutely batshit and elevates the song to a whole new level,
    including of course an amazing “Hear Us Coming”.

  • Dit is echt zo mooi en Anton Corbijn heeft het verdiend. Trots op Corbijn!!

  • Wow hoe mooi is dat. Metropole maak er werk van en zorg dat dit wordt

  • Because of this Dutch government this beautiful orchestra ( Metropole
    orkest) wil soon not exist anymore. It is sutch a shame and Corbijn is
    protesting against this. Indeed this is gorgeous, also the video on the
    background which is from Corbijn (directors cut) and blocked on youtube

  • Last part is really special because the old guy in the clip (by the hand of
    Anton Corbijn of course) is Bono’s father! So it’s really nice that Bono is
    watching him at the end.

  • Wow absolutely beautiful Anthem snippet and vocal improvisation!