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  • Dude…..that’s not true. The singing is Burnley’s, the electric guitar is
    Breaking Benjamin’s , and it sounds different enough to be a good cover.
    Plus it sounds fucking awesome.

  • At least he can sing live unlike these fake ass rappers nowadays!

  • Covers aren’t made for a band to say “Anything you can do, I can do
    better.” Covers are made to say “Thanks for inspiring us!”

  • Check out old, live version. I can promise you won’t regret that.

  • This version blows every other one out of the water, it’s so bad ass!!!

  • I have to say, as much as I love LC their cover just doesn’t do it for me.
    I’m not really a listener of BB but I listened to this out of curiosity and
    I have to say this is the best cover I’ve heard. It really works. The only
    better version is the original or Enjoy the Silence 04 (which is
    technically a remix and not a cover)

  • This cover is fuckin’ amazing but still… I think Lacuna COil have the
    best metal cover of this song.

  • Your a fucking retard who obviously doesn’t know what the word “Cover”

  • And you are a fat ass douche bag that cant spell, with douche bag breath.

  • I prefer the live version to this. Ben’s voice sounds far more legit and
    true to his style in it.

  • I like this cover but It Dies Today’s cover is definitely my favorite

  • It was supposed to be released as a bonus track on the European release of
    Saturate, but it never saw a release.

  • the original will always be the best but breaking benjamins cover is
    fucking awesome.