Martin Gore sings “But Not Tonight” as a surprise at Depeche Mode show in Frankfurt, Germany, 5 June 2013 (HD)
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  • his voice is better than daves..

    dont butcher me for my opinion :-O

  • If you see a 40 something with tears in his eyes in a few weeks at the Point if they play this, come introduce yourself, it will be me. Wonderful, and discovered it this evening!

  • I love this rendition of the song! What a beautiful ending

  • Watching him sing this under a clear sky full of stars in Santa Barbara will be a moment I’ll never forget! :)

  • Martin sang it again at Shoreline in Mountain View. What an amazing version of the song. So much better than the version on Black Celebration (and lately that has been my favorite DM album).

  • I discovered this song a few days ago…first, I listened to the normal version, and thought it was pretty good, but when I saw this video….my God, what an incredible voice! I cried a lot. ♥ …I’m so sorry I can’t go to their concert :'(

  • Martin is such a blessed incredible talent! And Dave is …closest to God!

  • I came all the way from Vancouver to be there too! This song brought back alot of emotions from back then…. Great show, Greatest band ever!!!

  • THIS was my favorite part of the whole concert. I almost cried.

  • I saw DM tonight in Chula Vista Ca. This part of the show was amazing. Brought back memories of my pals i grew up with.

  • actually this is how the song was written. They all get banged out on a piano with martin singing. If I wanted to hear songs like they sound on an album I’ll listen to the album…

  • The best part of the show I saw in Atlanta GA last week is this right here.