Find the awesome artist that mixed this, here:

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  • It’s really not that unique, and it makes sense that anyone mixing two very
    popular songs would pick that name. Depeche Mode’s song is called Personal
    Jesus, and Kanye’s album is called Yeezus; it just makes sense. Again, they
    use the same songs, but very differently. Chambaland didn’t copy Colin’s;
    he just did something similar, and in my opinion, not as well as Colin.

  • Did you listen to this one before you claimed that? I like the Colin
    McCardle one, as well, but they’re really different. Colin McCardle’s
    version has a lot less Kanye than this version.

  • Oh my God. Why the hell gives depeche mode coverrights for that? Oh forgot.
    They didn’t.

  • Finally a good Kanye song. Oh wait….it’s Depeche Mode.

  • Yes. But…the name is so unique and the song that he chose to mix it with
    is so unique that I think that Chambaland had to have listened to Colin’s
    before Chambaland mixed his. Like I said, Colin’s also had a very positive
    response on Reddit days before Chambaland’s mix came out. Seems fishy to

  • RIPPED THIS OFF OF SOMEONE ELSE! Soundcloud—search Colin
    McCardle—Personal Yeezus…posted 9 days ago! Had a large following on
    Reddit. Don’t give this copycat someone else’s credit!

  • The non-matching tones bug me so much. It could be good if it was in the
    same key.