Control. The film by Anton Corbijn. Sam Riley as Ian Curtis. Joy Division – Dead Souls.

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  • That one dislike guy is like…the ultimate non conformist.

  • he is such a brilliant singer, he sounds both like ian and trent reznor
    when i lsiten to this version it reminds me of both there singing in the
    song, the orib#ginal and the cover for the crow

  • this performance is amazing….Sam is like Ian what a great actor

  • I’m SO AMAZED this movie was made <3333! thank you so much for posting this
    clip <33!!!

  • this is probably one of the best biopic if not movie ever made Ian Curtis
    was a genius

  • Can someone tell me whether they are really playing or it´s just a playback?

  • they’re really playing. i think the actors were non musicians before this

  • got the dvd, watched the making of and yes the actors genuinely did learn
    how to play the joy division songs. they were gonna go with the studio
    recordings til they realised the actors were so good that their
    performances were used