Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) cover The Damned "New Rose" @ Club Nokia

2011 MusiCares / MAP Benefit Honoring Dave Gahan 5/6/11 Club Nokia – Los Angeles “New Rose” cover by Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • very different…he always makes me surprise…thats why i love him…

  • wonder if he would get on stage with The Damned for a duet lol

  • He clearly has always had a very good voice,he just needs to find good rock
    songs.like this.Dave Vanian would give this the thumbs up.

  • The Damned – New Rose — my 1st Punk song bought back in 1977. Actually
    Dave gets the “feeling” damned good ;-))

  • Man, i want to hate this so bad… I hate DM, I hate DG.. but I love me
    some Dave Vanian, and I LOVE me some Damned… and Dave G pulls this one
    off. Good job. THIS TIME!

  • I’m a Depeche Mode fanatic, but I’d rather see Dave Gahan sing his own
    regular music. I love his voice. He has the best singing voice in the whole

  • Dave Gahan must be one of the most under-rated vocallists ever, his voice
    is incredible.

  • WOW! Would never have believed Depeche Mode could’ve done such a storming
    cover of this classic! Brillint. Love it.

  • My first thought was “what?” but its not too bad, I’ll let him off!

  • Huh? This video is a clip of of Dave Gahan being honored by his peers at
    Nokia in L.A. lol He’s probably one of the most highly rated pop vocalists
    ever. Now Dave Vanian, on the other hand is definitely underrated. I never
    understood why the Damned never made it bigger.

  • If Vanian snuffs it I think Mr Gahan can be the new Dave in the Damned :-)