Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division Cover @ Club Nokia

2011 MusiCares / MAP Benefit Honoring Dave Gahan 5/6/11 Club Nokia – Los Angeles Love Will Tear Us Apart cover by Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • finally, a cover that does’nt suck..peter hook and the light…..step aside.

  • I’m fan of both DM and Joy Division and this is just pure perfection!!!

  • Decent job lacks the original kinda haunting quality though.some things are not always best covered by other bands no matter the pure intentions.

  • Awesome job Dave, would love to have seen this live at one of their concerts. That would have been a once in a lifetime opportunity as this is one of my favorite JD songs.

  • “loses” would be the word you were looking for originally mate. Dont mind the spelling/grammar fascists…so what, they know the context in which you intended it. anyone care to pick out my obvious mistakes in this comment?

  • (see below 1st!) even JD’s ‘Transmission’. There is no point to Joy Division as a band that you talk of Oldmanflabby. Three of them wanted to take the world, Ian Curtis didn’t…the ‘point’ you speak of is post JD. 3/4’s of the band wanted to be an alternative pop band…as evidenced by New Order’s subsequent direction. LWTUA reached, what, no.11 in the UK pop charts first time around? It is a great pop song, one of the very best! Dave’s cover is very decent; whole lot better than most of ’em!

  • if you’re gonna deride him for his comment, at least show the intellect to deride him for what he is actually saying. Instead, and probably cos you’re a dipshit (yeh, that’s right, ‘dipshit’ aint in the dictionary either!), you go for a spelling mistake. Laughable man…totally, totally lame and moronic! To be honest, it was always a pop song, a ‘pop song’ in the same way other songs of the late 70s/early 80s were…PIL – Careering, Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi, Magazine – Shot By Both Sides’ cont next

  • only Dave can do it…….and Ian knows…sure he knows…

  • He nailed this song with the same feeling Ian Curtis.its a painful song but;it was meant to be!