Dave Gahan Hourglass a short film Disc 1 (CD) : 01. – Saw Something 02. – Kingdom 03. – Deeper And Deeper 04. – 21 Days 05. – Miracles 06. – Use You 07. – In…

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  • Thank you for this upload! I have a corrupted copy of this on my hard
    drive. This’ll definitely hold me over until I get around to ordering the

  • What makes a man a man, is his passion. It is the quest and journey that
    dictate who that person is. Sadly, many people do not have a passion. But
    we are all on a journey, whether we like it or not! Dave sings and writes
    with passion!

  • These films were a treasure to find! Miracles is another one of my favorite
    songs…can’t wait to see Dave get his award next month!!!

  • I just love the part When dave Give them money XD he is hilarious =) Love
    Him AND Depeche mode ;)

  • This is such a great story how all this comes together to make such an
    amazing record. I think Dave is more talented then even he realizes and
    that’s what makes his music so great. Because its so natural for him at
    least to me it seems. I really like the direction Dave is going musically
    and I think it’s helping shape where Depeche Mode is going when he works
    collectively with depeche mode and not his solo stuff…..but I have a
    feeling that Dave is going farther as a solo artist…….