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  • I love everything about you, Dave…..ur so deep and eloquent and

  • AliceinDave- i love You for this!!! :) Thank You very very much!!!

  • Thanks, I had never seen this one before – best interview ever from him, I
    think ! Do you know what broadcast it comes from, and who the interviewer
    was ?

  • I heard that Steven Tyler said one time that it is easier for an addict to
    sell 100 million albums then to get clean and stay sober. I think it´s
    fucking true. Dave has been clean for seventeen years now. It´s amazing.

  • Saw your other post! Hang in there mr Grimlund…. Dave won ( I did) and
    you can!

  • Probably best interview i ever watched with any musician, not to say a star
    or a legend. Yes unfortunately as a musician you have to play certain games
    you dont like and it does hurt!

  • I can’t understand why he decided to cut his hair so short, the hairstyle
    he had in early 1997 (BOAG and ING videos) suited him much more. Maybe it
    had to do with wanting to get rid of an “addict” look and going back to a
    “clean” image, but I’ve always thought he looked far better with longish
    hair when he was younger. Of course now that he’s 51 he looks fine with
    short hair. (look at Nick Cave’s hairstyle now: it sucks)

  • He has the most delicious lips!! There! I said it! Lol! And he’s so smart
    too! I just love him and am so grateful he’s alive and oh so we’ll! His
    Delta Machine concert in FLL was Awesome!!!!