Should Be Higher is extracted from the new album “Delta Machine” :) and written by Mr Dave Gahan and Kurt Uenala. Broken :…

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  • Don’ t you know that this song was written by Mr. Martin L. Gore, Dave
    Gahan and Kurt Uenala?!

  • I simply love DM, as I love Dave´s voice special in this beautiful song…

  • Fucking awsome=)).. Love Gahan.. My favorite album ever.. “Hourglass”..

  • Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and profound song.

  • another beautiful video again, a wonderful song! Thanks my friends,Thanks
    Nath for featuring,absolutely thumbs up

  • the photos *.* the song *____* simply wonderful ;D I’m singing right now
    (with joy ^^ ) :D ciaoo ♥

  • Merci Nath ! J’adooooooore cette chanson :)) DM = :) Que du bonheur !

  • Awesome song, so this was written by Dave Gahan and Kurt? Cool. Such an
    amazing live show at Revel on 8/30/13. This was my first DM concert and it
    was incredible, something I will never forget……Soraya ;)

  • Glad that like it my dear Annie. Nathalie makes so very nice videos :)))
    And she’s a big Depeche Mode fan as me ! Have a splendid evening my dear
    friends and a fantastic sunday. Much love to you both.