Amazing…no words…no more comments…unique!!
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  • Album version is great. This is something else, it’s definitive DM, a
    special moment in time and space. It’s almost pagan, it tapped into
    something buried deep in mass psychology, and let it out to play.

  • 4.09 the question «why do you want to be famous? has just been answered

  • This song means a lot to me, as I was listening to it when I got a phone
    call saying my friend got killed in a car crash in a car being driven by a

  • The only thing better then watching this video is remembering that I was at
    this show. Al these years on, it still gives goose bumps. It had been a
    beautiful day in Pasadena. Then sometime during DM playing, a brief storm
    came in. We got rained and I can remember a snap of lighting hitting the
    parking lot during this song. Epic.

  • when the lights come up and you see the masses wave to God… that’s when
    you realize that Dave is the neverending circle that created us all.

  • Ich wahr über 10 koncerte von GNR von 1990-1992, aber alles werde ich
    tauchen für disse koncert von DM in Pasadena, alle + 2 koncerte von R.
    Stones aus Basel. Best LIVE SONG EVER………………………..Goose
    bumps everywhere on my hands!!!