Radio DJ Paul Gambaccini interviews the members of Depeche Mode at home and in the studio in episode 1 of this documentary footage from 1993 for From The Vau…
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  • Why can’t I watch it? That’s not fair! Is it only for people over 18?

  • It’s not unreleased. It’s included in the Disc 2 of the Singles 86-98 + DVD

  • How is this “exclusive documentary footage from 1993 for From The Vaults on
    The Warner Sound”? This interview is from DM’s EPK for SOFAD! Hardly

  • There are plenty of uploads of this interview on YouTube, but I’ll admit
    that the others are rips of old VHS tapes and so this upload is in really
    good quality. But it’s still not exclusive, and now antimusicdotcom states
    that this interview “debutes online”, even though it has been on the
    Internet ever since, well, the arrival of YouTube.

  • This is not exclusive documentary footage it has been released many times.
    It was released (at least!) on the Singles 86-98 and also Electronic Press
    Kits and other sources, all digital original releases. What pray tell is
    “exclusive” about this?

  • Pretty sure it’s not anywhere else on YouTube. And if it is, it’s a copy of
    a copy.


  • As much as I love DM, this is so ”spinal tap”. Very shocking, actually,
    at least in comparison to interviews given during the Violator era.

  • デペッシュ・モード、93年撮影未発表ミニ・ドキュメンタリー映像が公開