LAUNCH Magazine, Issue #51 – Backspin: Dave Gahan discusses the album history of Depeche Mode from 1981-1984. 1981: Speak & Spell 1982: A Broken Frame 1983: …

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  • I’m glad Vince left to eventually form Erasure. I can’t help but think of all the good music that would never have been created with both bands. Now if only Alan had continued with that tradition when he left.

  • I agree! The only guy in DM I ever found sexy! I love seeing him shirtless on the video for Halo! hehe :)

  • 3:21 Dave has quite a sense of humor
    I almost believed him for a second xD

  • Yep , ” The meaning of love ” it’s from 2nd long play . There has been amazing work ! I’ve found it among my endless favorite albums by theirs

  • Se llama “The meaning of love”. Fué single del “A broken frame”

  • the meaning of love video! XDDD i love them! they are just so great!!!!! Dave is adorable!!!!

  • yeah the 80s, biggest for drugs, as long as we dont mention the drug fueled sixties, phew, think we got away with it, spouting rubbish and all that.

  • Dave lost his memory, because during the hole 80’s decade they where cracked out. Sometimes artist do there best work on drugs. It helps them to open up the creative side of there brain. The 80’s is known to be the biggest drug decade of all time. All the popular artist Duran Duran, Madonna, Cure, so on and so on will tell you they where useing drugs alot of drugs during that time.

  • Dave, have always loved you and always will. Your crazy and daft, but sexy and talented, with a voice from the Gods:-)

  • “I can’t even remember that album”…David You are so CUTE!!

  • je älter du wirst um so geiler wirst du!!!dave gahan vor ever!!!!

  • Ich verkaufte Dave einen Walkman von Sony in Hannover (Technikhaus) Ich war Verkäufer und bediente Ihn und seinen Bodyguard.Sie traten dann in der Eilenriedehalle in Hannover 1984 auf.Ich war voll der Fan.Coole Musik.

  • I think Dave was jokeing about not remembering Some Great .. because there were so many hits off that album. It really was there first huge album, he probably wants to forget it .