Depeche Mode performing “Enjoy The Silence” at Globe Arena in Stockholm on May 29th, 1993 on Devotional Tour. Video:Devotional Night in München Olympiahalle …

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  • I envy every single person that was given the opportunity to attend a
    concert on the Devotional Tour. If only I could have been older or born at
    a different time – I am so depressed that I missed out on the greatest tour
    ever. I love this band way too much. They are my life. 

  • This was my favorite song when I was a child and it’s still amazing

  • I love him but he is off his face here! Wonder what he thinks looking back
    now! Please Tour Australia again.

  • Looking for this for years great job putting it up. Martins solo is
    excellent. CLASS

  • on this tour Dave gave it his all, nearly his life! i think he thought
    every night might be his last, hence why he is a fuckin awesome front man!