Artist: Depeche Mode Track: Everything Counts (Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin remix) Genre: Techno.

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  • Siento en parte que las canciones remezcladas de DM son mucho mejor que la originales, este no es el caso :/

  • 5:50 TIRIRIRIR TI TI FIIIIIRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII BOMMMMMMM tchakatchakatchakatchakatchakatchakatchakatchakatchaka

  • that is when depeche MODE realy worth it as a band…….but today…….they are not  even a pale shadow. Bring back Alan Wilder…..!

  • This is one of the the best techno tracks i heard in my whole fucking life. And i mean it

  • The 1983 nuwave classic given a stonking teutonic techno rework by Messrs Huntemann and Bodzin. Not bad, if a little robotic and repetitive.