Depeche Mode - Halo (Devotional tour 1993)

Depeche Mode – Halo Devotional tour 1993.

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  • You wear guilt…Martin is a poet!!! I love every word getting out from his

  • Dave gahan fue el que más se malogró, le siguió Martin Gore. Me parece que
    el que mas se cuido fue Fletcher; y el que se fue Alan , ¿que le habrá
    pasado ?

  • At least people walking by with signs like in the video. LOL Or I could
    picture people marching to this video too. But I see your point, it makes
    them and Dave all the focus, and the music serves itself well enough. :)

  • Dave sounds flawless….one of my top 5 DM songs of all time.

  • Nah, it would lose the intensity of focussing on his voice. Also, he had
    the stage charisma and movement to pull it off. The biggest case of
    somebody who needed no dancers was freddie mercury.. To not have or need
    dancers I believe is a compliment to their greatness. Saying all that, I
    was on this tour, and I cant recall dancing that much. I’d rather just sit
    on a sofa moving my head with my eyes closed drowning in the waves of

  • i loved this tour so much, but i do look back with a little sadness knowing
    how difficult it was for all the memers of the band.. I do genuinely thank
    god that we actually still have DM as a band thats carried on geting better
    and better. They are an intergeral part of my life… running alongside my
    lifes ups and downs over the years.. viva DM may they keep on keeping on
    forever and a day.