Enhanced Digital SB recording. If you want a DVD of the full gig, please msg me.
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  • i was about 50 feet away but more central and i remember sisters of mercy
    lead singer flicking his fag into the crowds of mercy fans, who`d surged to
    the front,after or during the 1st song. I was on my mates shoulders during
    stripped n i swear dave gahan looked at me(and 35000 others) during it.
    FANTASTIC DAY,NEVER FORGET IT,nice one markysparx,would love it if you
    could get hold of stripped from that day…

  • thank the lord you posted these… i cannot believe it was 31st july
    1993!!!!! how fast has time gone… i was only a baby at 17 stood about 4
    rows back from the front… what a song to come on too!!! it’s quite scary
    seeing how old this is, was defo the best tour by a mile! long live the

  • They should play Depeche Mode at my marriage and at my burrial! There is no
    better band in the world than Depeche Mode!

  • yeah, he was sexy in 1993…. but his voice didn’ t change.

  • I went to this concert and got close to the front, happy memories, thank
    you MarkySpark!!

  • The memories. I was there not to far from the front. A bootleg of the show
    was mentioned earlier. The one I have is called “Enjoy the rumours” The BBC
    recorded the gig for Radio 1 and the bootleg comes from that and is
    broadcast quality. Look it up. Thanks for posting.

  • 1st for me dave gahan has a great voice. low and passion is its power. 2nd
    he is maybe the best frontman around the world 3nd i have the tickets for
    18th june 2009!!. the only sad, is the the show will be into the stadium.
    for me, they are made for forum. stadium is too big for the sound and for
    us. a lot of feeling will diseapear. 4th ferrari, after brasil, remain the
    best car… ciao by max italy

  • I was there, awsome concert,sisters of mercy were pretty good as well, But
    Depeche Mode totally nailed it.

  • Monumental Gig one I shall never ever forget ~~~ and once again with Tour
    of the Universe Sunday, December 13th, 2009 Bham LG, they repeated the
    feeling I got on that night. Amazing Band never fail to deliver

  • What a day,it was the best.Our car broke down on the way and took ages to
    get across london,but the best gig of my life,i remember the full moon that
    night that hung over the stage and still have my ticket and the radio 1
    broadcast on tape…bring back these days,thank you so much for this memory.

  • What a excelent voice … I have this bootleg … but it is the first time
    i saw the video fantastic ! thank’s

  • los de primera fila y los laterales ven Lo Que Yo Te Diga ….xD

  • i love this song. I always listen to SOFAD all the way through to hear this
    at the end

  • My god, what a song: born to be played live! Magic performance. Close your
    eyes and fly higher than the sky… Thanks!

  • Don’t know but I think that Dave was at his best vocally and on stage when
    he was all High Ha! Ha!

  • check out the Devotional DVD – truly Depeche Mode at their absolute peak –
    songs, production and live

  • What the hell with the curtains? I’d be pissed off since you can’t see jack
    shit. Anyway, Higher Love is just one of those songs that sounds freakin’
    AWESOME love. All the ambient echoes and stuff really work well in stadiums
    and gives the song an even more dream-like quality than the studio

  • se nota que no sabes nada, vete, mejor no digas estupideces

  • lol none of the audio is from the released dvd, its all sound board. The
    editing might of lead you to believe that.