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I Feel You was released on 15th of February 1993. It’s the 27th UK single by Depeche Mode from the album Songs of Faith and Devotion. This masterpiece represents the whole new world of the Depeche Mode. A more rock oriented sound with guitars, real drums but with electronic sounds included as well. This was probably the most challenging cover for me to make so far. Due to the perfect instrumentation, dynamics and rhythm, DM created a very strong electro-rock song. I tried to maintain the mood of the song as close as possible. I have used couple of tracks of Grand Pianos and an Octave Slow Strings to get more richness from the song. The chords match the original version, with slightly slowed down BPM. The video used in the cover is the video projected during the SOFAD live performances. The main part of the piano is relatively easy to learn and play. Enjoy and have fun with these great songs from Depeche Mode! Play Piano! HAJP