Depeche Mode I feel You,, Exciter Tour 2001. All the rights goes to Depeche Mode and their owners.
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  • I LOVE SREAMO GAHAN´S….. it´s really better !!!!

  • I love it. He is sooo great when he performes, so sexy – a great number at

  • well people can have shitty taste tho, i mean lets be honest Lady Gaga is a
    talentless hack who tries to be this Madonna/Marilyn Manson hybrid…also
    I’d say DM is pretty mainstream 150 million albums is a lot of records to
    be sold for any band….

  • 4 months after your comment, and now it has 14199! That, my friend, si the
    power, of MUSIC. (the good one of course XD)

  • @DMFANBest Mate, that is all because dumb people are greater in number.

  • I dont see the point talking about Gaga or any other commercial artist like
    Madonna, in a Depech Mode video, i prefer to belong to a small group of
    people with refined test

  • Well, first of all, there are LOTS of other posts with LOTS more views, all
    most deserved. This is fantastic, and off the hotness scale! DM is great!
    Incredible energy and talent. But don’t knock Lady Gaga; she is an awesome
    talent too – ever listen to her acoustic numbers? They are super. Something
    for everyone on You Tube! Thanks for the post. Listen every day! Jones
    Beach in September!! Yippee. That Paris concert must have been amazing.

  • Dave is so sexy! I love his voice, his tattoos, his…everything!!!

  • There’s nothing weird and nothing dumb when people listen to music they
    like. Depeche Mode is not a mainstream band and that’s why I like them.

  • WTF??? Lady Gaga Bad Romance views: 430000000…. Depeche Mode I Feel You
    live in Paris views: 1740 Such a weird world we live in

  • Dont worry, we will see lady gaga 30 years later. if she can fullfill
    stadiums as Depeche mode can nowadays

  • those people don’t understand the difference between good music and lady
    gaga …fuck sake !