Depeche Mode interview from the launch of “Songs and Faith and Devotion”, February 1993. Alan Wilder and Dave Gahan talk about the new album.
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  • sweet eyes&well spoken.That comes in my mind first when I watch&hear him

  • to move completely to guitars is suicide for DM. They should stick with
    what got them to the top…..that is electronic music. Today’s music uses
    way too much guitars, to the the point where it gets VERY boring. No bands
    ever stand out any more, no originality, they all conform to the same
    boring BS.

  • @sprintbass Fortunately for me, I like all types of genre of music. The
    SOFAD record by DM was a good record, but yeah it took awhile to absorb at
    first, especially after falling in love with the VIolator album. I would
    exactly call SOFAD grunge though, it still remains in the alternative
    category of music. But if you go back to the first DM album up until SOFAD,
    you can see actual growth and maturity in it.

  • умел Дейв шифроваться – фиг скажешь, что героинил уже вовсю

  • That’s a bit harsh. Again, it’s not their best album, but “Walking in My
    Shoes” isn’t particulary rocky, and “One Caress” isn’t as well. I’ll only
    go as far as saying the album is “ok”, but they didn’t become a lousy rock
    band – taste is individual. No offense, really, I like discussing with
    people giving serious arguments. Cheers.

  • Depeche mode to make that step of change was inevitable if they wanted to
    continue to make music. The synth pop was death at the end of the ’90s. I
    like how they moved away from the main dance scene into the alternative
    sound using electronics with guitars and still making relevant music today.

  • the best album of depeche mode.i like heard this ordem: get right with me,i
    feel you,one caress,walking in my shoes,my joy,condemnation,death’s door,in
    your room,higher love,rush,mercy in you,judas. enjoy!

  • @sprintbass I’m with you. I remember being absolutely dumbfounded by this
    album. It remains my least favorite. Certainly nothing like their 80’s
    Golden Age.

  • Songs of Faith and Devotion had nothing what so ever to do with grunge and
    didn’t appeal to fans of the genre. “Doing what they did best, did not
    conform” – excactly, they haven’t conformed with anything on the album,
    they kept their originality. Though it’s not my favorite album, I still
    think they were being creative, keeping an electronic sound, inspite of
    various tracks performed “live” during recording. Completely disagree.

  • here was no need for Depeche Mode to go this direction. It was just a
    couple of year earlier that they scored their biggest hit with “Violator”,
    so they didn’t have the excuse of “well, we were losing touch with fans”.

  • Dave seems pretty “normal” in that interview. There are interviews made by
    that time where he acts and talks very strange, a bit like being on another

  • SOFD was more “rockier” than any of the albums that DM has ever put out and
    hence the most different because of that reason. DM wanted to appease the
    so called “rock critics ” because they were not getting enough respect from
    the narrow minded U.S. music media e.g .Rolling Stone. Therefore, they
    strayed away from who they were……being an outstanding electronic band,
    to a lousy “rock” band.

  • @bonzot im 38 years old and have seen them are rude..the comment
    was not aimed at you..the comment was based on fact…I have everythig they
    have done…im also a professional bass not ignorant ill
    informed or anything else for that matter…this is america..and i can say
    pretty much what ever i not the only person who lived through