Depeche Mode perform “Just Can’t Get Enough” live at Stockholm Globe Arenas, on June 27, 2013. David Gahan presents Andy Fletcher.
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  • This little moment – Fletch’s little moment – has evolved into one of the
    highlights of the set on this tour….Dave’s piss-taking is funny, Gore
    loves it & Fletch clearly has the ability to laugh at himself. It’s just so
    natural….the Band are loving it….we’re loving it….and I’ve still got
    3 more gigs to go to on the Delta Machine Tour :) Good times….

  • Haha Andy just has a good time. He’s such a likable guy, high skill or not.

  • Thanks. A real feel-good factor on this tour……I think the Band, and the
    fans, all consider this to be ‘bonus-time’.

  • haha, Andy after so many years finally learned :D And Gahan also something
    ‘ can :D Great :)