Es el primer álbum en vivo del grupo y también su primer álbum doble. Contiene un concierto dado el 18 de junio de 1988 en el Rose Bowl de Pasadena, Californ…
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  • …and as «a professional» you should know that the audio of filmed
    concerts are typically tampered with after the actual recording, which
    should explain things.

  • Alan….you play this song with one hand, i dont know if it’s to show
    primitive this song is compared to YOUR songs with Depech Mode or just to
    show how much of a musician you are — or both! You are ridiculously
    talented…why did Martin have to be a drama queen and drove you out of the
    band? Depeche Mode is great without you but they’d be fucking INCREDIBLE
    with you…please come back!!!!!!

  • To all is best. like he runs away from keyboard and itself is glad. just
    hammer :D

  • Leave Britney ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!! LOL Dave is Lipping. Have a great
    day! :)

  • and there are lots shitty sound men out there it’s true, but not so crap
    one second then flawlessly execute the perfect vocal level in the next

  • Best live recording of this song… must have heard 101 about a thousand

  • ya i was just about to be born when this concert was on :( but its nice to
    live for it now :)

  • and as a ‘professional’ Bullocks!!!! Your artist does not have to scream
    his lungs out to be heard, while barely exerting to a perfectly sung track
    while running up and down the stage. Not possible. At that level you’d hear
    his breathing too. Final answer.

  • Yeah. It’s not Martin’s fault! Alan was complaining cause he didn’t get
    enough credit.

  • first of all we are only kidding about Britney. Anyway Dave is lypping
    because we are professional sound people and when the person talks to the
    crowd his mic has to be the same volume as the singing volume and his drops
    soo much at 1:41 that he has to scream. We also know how to put vocals thru
    keyboards. We are pro.s

  • u were there? au bless u! just to read u i feel excited for u, i wish i ahd
    been there but i was born one month later lol

  • There are MULTIPLE explanations for this.. In no way was he lip syncing.
    The way the soundboard was edited, they brought down the parts where dave
    was screaming for the fans..i’m sure it was loud as hell in the rose bowl…