Depeche Mode Leave In Silence
Depeche Mode Leave In Silence

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  • @HumanSoftware songs of faith nd devotion is the darkest albulm.. i cant
    belive u dont like it lol.. is it because he was like a herion addict that
    period in time???

  • Great quality video, haven’t seen this one before- Alan getting into it
    there, lol. Thanks!

  • @riveratrackrunner Well, i’m a such an electro-addicted (LOL !!!) IMHO,
    with that album DM Started to … go against their “natural attitude”,
    putting acoustic drum, guitars and some other “traditional rock sounds”
    into their songs and i simply don’t like it. I respect every kind of music,
    but i think that “real DM” should sound electronic, as they always did !
    Furthermore, in the middle of 90s i fell in love with Chemical Brothers,
    Daft Punk, Underworld, Prodigy…i still love old DM stuff!

  • @HumanSoftware …hahaha…. maybe Alan is doing a mimic what Fletch is
    playing live…hahaha.. No, I think the LED’S were disappearing with the
    lights of the show or something like that…I think is pointless that they
    just hired a synth player like him for live performances and not playing
    those keyboards live…. Anyway..who knows…

  • i wonder when they stopped playing this live.. late 80s maybe?

  • First of all, Thank You for Your nice reply :-) Well, about the video You
    mentioned You’re absolutely right … i just can’t figure how can those
    leds completely disappear … anyway, about Andrew Fletcher, i really think
    i didn’t play a real live note in 30 years … and most of DM fans know it
    very well … anyway who cares ? These were REAL DM and i loved them …
    nothing to do with the thing they’re doing now … :-(!

  • Not really. As far as I can tell, all that’s coming from the machine are
    the drums, the deep “ooh”s in the beginning and in the middle, and a little
    synth during the chorus. But then, my ear’s aren’t the best, so I could be

  • @glasshouse1111 You’re probably right, BUT i was talking about playinh the
    synthesizer … that appears to be TURNED OFF ! So it hardly coould be
    playing live….:-(

  • Ehr…I’ve been a HUGE DM’s fan(until they released the disappointing
    SOFAD) so please, DON’t misunderstand me BUT…There’s something wrong: i
    owned Roland Jupiter 8 (Alan’s synthesizer) …the display in the middle of
    its panel SHOULD be illuminated by HUGE red LEDS, IF the instrument was
    turned ON !!! And the same is for some of its buttons, other LEDs, etc …
    BUT here i can see no LEDS, no lights on the panel … :-( Please, look
    carefully : NOT a real live execution ? ( :-( )

  • Surprisingly many synth parts and even vocal parts are coming from the tape.

  • @HumanSoftware …..In the first part of this video Alan is playing a short
    introduction of “See you”, …no HUGE RED LED’S on the Jupiter 8 (I think
    they disappear with the lights of the stage or the camera), and you can see
    very clear that he is playing live…He stop playing the keys and there is
    no sound anymore at same time.