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  • First time I’ve heard bad notes sung by Depeche Mode. Always interesting to see them when they were young and innocent, though.

  • Very good quality clip,you can get this on the TUBE ANTHOLOGY Dvd, together with lots of other tube bands, i was there ( i’m in the front row green ribbon in hair!) may times in the audience as a youth, they were great days, also saw Depeche mode in there early years at the city hall in the early 80’s, great days.

  • Thank you very much for uploading this video!!! The Quality is amazing for a 30 year old video.

  • They never do… the silence is a war that resonates through all time and space and all concrete and through the streets between …us … them they can never be.. loudly.. the silence is like a hammer on metal.. the silence resonates straight to the soul..

  • Definitely one of their top 5 songs. Very much unappreciated together with My secret garden. Early dark black synth pop. Lovely.

  • Thank U, thank U, thank U!!! This movie is awesome! :D what a great quality!!!

  • this makes me wish i was teen in the 80’s.
    im lovin dave’s booty poppin. ;D

  • VERY good quality, how did you get this, impressed, again. thanks for letting us see it.
    all the best from sweden.

  • They were so cute and so young…And they are still!!! Love you, guys! I wish you all the best! Martin has got the most beautiful hair in the whole world!!!

  • Yikes! – for the band….. I woulda tore up the front row with my dance moves :)

  • how I remember this, the Tube was an amazing show, what ever happened to good music shows on TV, Happy 30th Birthday DM