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  • Im 16 years old, and my father always listened to DM. Now im already a fan
    of the cool sound from DM.

  • Es curiosio que depeche mode no haya grabado un DVD tour del album y la
    gira mas chingonas

  • This footage captured lightning in a bottle.Outstanding.Best footage from
    this tour.Thanks for sharing!

  • Весной? Может быть все-таки летом?))) Кстати, тоже там быть планирую:)

  • Awesome group. One of the greatest English bands ever! Can’t wait to see
    them at the 02 arena in May!

  • летом, а точнее 22го июня будет концерт на стадике ЛОКО, билеты есть!

  • till those years i mean 90’s after Violator DM was just the Best on the

  • I’ve been a life-long DM fan (saw them live the first time back in 83) but
    for some reason I didn’t like this tour. I’ve been trying to understand why
    ever since. Maybe I was in a bad period in my life or something – I just
    did not enjoy it at all. The Devotional tour a couple of years later, on
    the other hand, really blew my mind and remains my favorite to this day.
    Runners up would be the Music For The Masses tour and the Black Celebration
    tour. That said – I really appreciate the upload. =)

  • Dlaczego do kurwy nedzy nie wydadza tego na dvd czy blue rayu????Zbiliby
    majątek !!!!!

  • Saw this concert (my 1st DM concert) at Riverbend (Cincinnati, OH) – 7th
    ROW – caught Dave’s tank top when he threw it into the audience at the
    end!!! BEST CONCERT EVER – still the one by which I judge all other
    concerts!!!! Thanks for posting this.

  • Был на паре концертов. В 2001 а Wembley (London) и потом в ….. что же это
    за год был … наверное 2009 в O2 arena тоже в London’e. Конечно первый раз
    понравилось больше. Всё-таки пел он тогда поэнергичнее.