DEPECHE MODE – Live @ London 1993 [MultiCam]
DEPECHE MODE - Live @ London 1993 [MultiCam]

31.07.1993 | Crystal Palace National Sports Centre 01. Higher Love 02. Policy Of Truth 03. Walking In My Shoes 04. Halo 05. Stripped 06. Condemnation 07. Judas 08. I Feel You 09. Never Let…

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  • I was at this gig. My girlfriend at the time and I travelled on a coach
    from Carlisle. By the time we got to London, she had come down with mild
    food poisoning. When we got to the stadium and the gates opened, we made it
    right to the front. The security got everyone to sit down to stop any
    crushing at the front. But before Depeche came on we had to move to get to
    the toilets as she was really ill by this point. I was gutted to lose that
    spot. I watched Sisters of Mercy from the side of the stadium about 20 rows
    from the front, but as soon as the lights went down and Higher Love
    started, I am ashamed to say I abandoned her in a pool of vomit and rammed
    my way through the crowd to the front again for the whole show. We split up
    not long after. We’re not called Devotional for nothing :D

  • I remember going to this concert from Preston on the train. There were
    rumours it would be their last – yeah right I have seen them many more
    times since but this is one concert that still stands out

  • Thanks so much for posting this! The crowd-based camera captures me as a
    much younger man…. Dave was singing live, no question or debate. Higher
    Love didn’t work in daylight and for me, World Violation can never be
    surpassed for quality but otherwise this was one hell of a show….

  • Five of us in a rented car drove down from Clitheroe (nr Blackburn)
    believing, as we all did that this was DM’s only UK gig that year. Then
    when we got there it was announced they were doing additional dates nearer
    Xmas, so I went to (I think it was) the MEN arena. Actually got right to
    the front of the crash barriers at that one :D

  • Thanks for posting!!!
    That was a unforgetable day!great concert!great Tour!GREAT BAND!
    (Sound is Soundboard?)
    Greetz from Berlin

  • Depeche mode at their best !
    Great concert with great mates , great day, enough said

  • Rush и In Your Room крышу сносит окончательно!..

  • Remember that Depeche Mode only played at Crystal Palace because Prince was
    at Wembley the same night. Saw some of the Prince fans on the way home
    thinking you went to the wrong concert. 

  • In Your Room gives me goosebumbs over and over again….

  • Esther hoort toch graag Depeche Mode?

    Beeld niet geweldig maar geluid komt van soundboard en klinkt perfect 

  • Definitely Depeche Mode has been my biggest influences in music of all the
    time Forever You – Forge the Rubicon

  • I dont think its playback! It just looks like because the sound is not
    recordes by the filming cameras

  • Bloody hell was at this concert !! Cant believe its on here !! WOW !! So
    many memeries from this day and oh yes Dave was……

  • Was there and a great time was had , will be seeing them this monday 27th 1
    2014 just hope the brum crowd are excited as i am ;-)

  • What a find! They had put on a bus from Glasgow at an ungodly hour…first
    time I saw DM and still lingers in the memory…amazing stuff

  • I was there drove down from newcastle,great memories and the same 4 of us
    have just been to leeds 13-11-13
    is it me but were kriss kross also support

  • Yeah you are mistaken.. Music from the soundboard and filming done on older
    non-digital camera’s.