Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode interviewed on Z-TV in Sweden during the Devotional Tour 1993. Footage from the show in Stockholm on May 29th.
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  • I´m 34 my self and got short hair but don´t look nearly as good as
    Alan…Maybe it`s because I have started to loose my hair…:)

  • What’s so amazing about Alan is that…he’s very confident, intelligent,
    eloquent, outstanding musician & incredibly talented. Now the physical
    aspects…great looking, tall, gorgeous eyes, sensual lips, hands that you
    just want to hold on to forever & more. Feel free to add…

  • yeah, his eyes are very beautiful, and so sweet, and his lips hmm
    delicious… i miss you Alan.

  • ‘Cause his hair is short and many of us usually tend to look younger with
    shorter hair.

  • Precioso, me encanta la forma en k se levanta su ceja cada vez k habla, es
    un amor.

  • Alan is one of the most beautiful men that I’ve ever seen in my 21 years of
    life..and I’m speaking very seriously :) I really love him!!.. he’s so
    perfect ^^ my heart beats so fast when I see him in all his videos aww I’m
    so in love with you Alan Wilder!! <3

  • Come on girls, just calm down… he’s just a man like the others… well…
    er… almost ! ^^

  • BIG OMG!!! i really envy his wife or any other girls he’d ever been
    with…even now,when he’s 50 i’d run away with him…there’s something
    about him,the way he talks makes him SO sexy!!!

  • claudia, you’re not the only one! He’s incredibly sexy all around! I can’t
    stop watching this vid & other vids of Alan.

  • His favorites songs are my favorite songs also. I love him even more now

  • @JadePugetGirL – Yup, I know. There’s something about him that women around
    the world just can’t get enough of. HE IS SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!!

  • Alan is unspeakably gorgeous! p.s. tha broadcaster resembles Brad Pitt,
    doesn’t he?