Depeche Mode (Martin Gore) performing “One Caress” in Miami in 1993 on Devotional tour.

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  • Tim Burton and Depeche Mode would go so well together. I think of a Tim
    Burton film when I hear this song.

  • @mindwings216 yes, that’s true. so, I’ll take it for real) thanks for your
    answer! :)

  • is it really LIVE performance? it seems like Martin sings not himself,
    because he puts the microphone down when the voice still sounds… maybe,
    it’s like this because he couldn’t sing because of his state then, that’s
    why they used the record of his voice… please, tell me, what’s happening
    in here? :( if it’s just a sound effect, it would be awesome) I admire a
    lot this extraordinary man! sorry for my english)

  • He has a very strong powerful voice and the music is hauntingly beautiful.
    I’m thankful that bass guitarist #TommyJoeRatliff (who plays for #Adam
    Lambert on Glam Nation Tour) peaked my interest in this musician. Where can
    I find videos of his more recent stuff? And as for @USCUSCTrojan’s comment
    – Sooooo what. Let the beautiful talented singer be and go hatebash
    yourself in a dark corner for being such an annoying little twit

  • Super son, magnifique vidéo, Martin tu es le meilleur!!! Merci.

  • it seem to be an overdub of a live audio performance upon a video from
    another concert. great stuff, anyway.

  • @VotreBetiseFR it’s possible that video and sound are not from the same
    exact performance. possible thay take best video and best sound from the
    tour and attach together. But, you can be sure, Martin voice it’s really
    always perfect, and i talk as a musicians. Dave’s voice it’s powerful and
    strong, but often out from the tune. Martin sings always perfect. So, you
    can continue to admire this awesome man!!! :) sorry for my english, too.

  • @VotreBetiseFR That question came to my mind too, after i watched the
    video.But as far as I know, the only one who had problems with his voice on
    this tour was Dave.May be Martin had problmes in other sphere.Who
    knows.Everybody knows this was their hardest tour ever, so everything’s
    possible.Despite all this song(here,in this video)sounds incredibly
    touching and real.Like all Martin’s performances.

  • Who cares if it’s not actually live? If you noticed that this is
    (obviously) prerecorded perfomance overdub then you clearly weren’t paying
    enough attention to his seductive hip wiggle. Humunuh humuneh, mrow!

  • oh my god,this song vibe into my head as the carpet strings i listen to.
    Martin Gore it’s really the greater song writer of the world!!!

  • @liberamor01 Oh, yes, I’m strongly sure that Martin is one of the best
    singers ever (at least, for me)! And yeah, your variant can be possible, so
    it’s ok :)