Depeche Mode 03-26-1984 in Schleiden on the market place – small small village in Germany.. Very very rare !!! Name of the show: Musik Convoy ARD German TV.
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  • God!! makes you realise how old these guys are!! old in the sense … not
    by age (although obviously that too) … but i mean they have kept or tried
    to keep their brand of music alive through different generations! and they
    are still here!! its like time travel when i look at these videos

  • Danke fürs Posten. Hab mich beim Anblick entsprechender Fotos in damaligen
    BRAVO-Ausgaben immer gefragt, wo und zu welchem Anlass dieser Auftritt wohl
    gewesen sein mag. Und wieder ein bisschen schlauer geworden. ;-)

  • Martin is God. Dave is King. Alan is a Wizard. Andy is a Prince.

  • this vid has such good picture and sound thanks for the vid

  • Do you even remotely know what you’re talking about? Martin Gore wrote this
    song, it has nothing to do with Alan Wilder except he did some additional
    mixing of the song… and don’t insult the other band members when you are
    an absolute nobody.

  • WOW — i used to have the same haircut as Martin Gore —- back in the
    Eighties *dreams*

  • Martin People Are People-Help me understand… Martin Shake The
    Disease-Understand me…

  • depeche mode vor meiner haustür nur leider war ich zu der zeit erst 10
    jahre alt :(

  • this was in SCHLEIDEN, not Schleyden. a little village in the Eifel /south
    west of Germany. I live only 15 km apart from Schleiden … GREAT !

  • Martin Gore simplemente maravilloso, misterioso y sensual como el solo, que
    hombre mas bello.

  • Alan Wilder is the greatest producer for electronic music/techno
    instruments in history. ;) The sound is definitely Alan’s, not Martin’s.
    Together they were just perfect. Add Dave’s voice and you are done :)…
    (Did I someone hear, there was a forth guy? hehe)