Depeche Mode - Photographic

Wanted to make this sound like some old never releasd b side depeche mode instrumental Around the Speak And Spell period Maybe? Korg m50 and virus ti synths …
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  • Песня детства, просто обожал!

  • I really agree ! Pure new wave, pure 80’s . Many thanks for this great sharing Ste* ^__^”

  • Actually a swedish group called Trak Dah made a cover of Photographic called Pornographic

  • Pensé que esta canción iba a ser fuera de su estilo Per. La verdad es buena

  • First published song Depeche Mode – Photographic (Some Bizzare Version) The band set up their equipment in the studio and ran through some of their tracks live in the studio. “Photographic” was recorded and mixed in one day.[5] This track was part of a compilation album, but was not released as a single.1981

  • I keep singing….I take pictures…. pornographic pictures. xD

  • Heard this song for first time today and I’m no spring chicken. It came out in 1980 when I was 10 and I’ll be 43 on the 24th of July 2013 time flies by.19/7/2013.Irish time 12:43pm.Friday.

  • The Vince Clark ära great Time of Depeche Mode my fist was See you

  • Your right that was the period i meant always get them mixed up.Thanks.

  • Dave, I did know about that…it’s not a bad patch 102 bank 1. like you said it would need serious treating through effects to really shine. Yeah the Gaia voxhumana really is a virtual clone of the original polymoog .

  • very nice ….great sounds…reminds me of the A BROKEN FRAME period more than speak and spell….the good old days ..when i was a lad and all that ???????

  • the drums are the korg m50 kit called Mashed kit -the clap sound is the virus though.

  • The sound is m50 called -vox lead Sw1- yes i know the akai whistle sounds very simlar too.did you know there is a voxhumana preset on the akai ?cant think of the patch number off hand ,it would need treating to effects though to stand out better,i think your Gaia beats it hands down anyway.

  • Nice sounding theremin…great response…like the akai. Was this the m50 theremin?

  • Nice job. What Korg drums did you use ? I don’t think I found this during the brief time I had mine.