Depeche Mode live Amsterdam,Paradiso 26.09.1981.
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  • It’s too bad that you don’t have the best song, (Shout!) on this series
    from Amsterdam

  • Such a unique sound, can’t compare it to anything before or after it!
    that’s why i love these rarities, TV Set rocks too

  • Can you hear the similarity between this song and “New Life”. I guess “New
    Life” was evolved from this.

  • i love dave since 30 years but the trousers are bad… i´ve never heard
    this song befor. i think it´s not the best song

  • I saw pictures and images of these shows back in the mid-80’s and it
    influenced me style and aesthetics – wise, but I never thought I’d get ot
    see footage like this! Thank You!

  • Everly Brothers wrote it Status Quo Covered it Then Mr Ferry did the same
    Satus Quos is amazing! Then Depeche Mode

  • Ooops…. am a fan of Bryan Ferry since 1976 and came across this video by
    research of BF-vids. Never knew DM covered this song?!?!?!? Amazing!!!! And
    btw: I love DM aswell!!! (but never was a fan-fan, that’s why maybe)

  • ah yes…a fresh and clean looking DG in his pre-drug days.

  • Price of Love is an Everley Brothers cover from the 50’s. The drum on this
    vid is not the tape machine, but is from Dave’s Boss Dr Rhythm drum machine
    which carried 10 different arrangements, the tape at this time held the
    drums for those not on the drum machine. This gig is also shortly after
    Fletch swapped his bass guitar for a synth. I probably have one of the only
    early recordings of the band with Fletch playing Bass Guitar, which was
    taken from there first gig at Croc’s in Rayleigh UK

  • This video is PRICELESS !!! Dave is so young and funny:).. The best band

  • Route 66 was a Barry Troup song and that was an amazing cover version. But
    ive never seen this before. There must be a vault full of unreleased stuff
    they’ve done. Be interesting to hear it.